The Big Dig

This two-parter follows the biggest archaeological dig across the killing fields of the First World War.

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James May’s Things You Need To Know Series 2

Series two of this popular show …

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War Hero In My Family

War Hero In My Family takes 12 celebrities on personal journeys to trace their family’s involvement in World War II.

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Titanic & Me (aka Titanic with Len Goodman)

A series that marks the centenary of the sinking of the famous liner

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Titanic & me


The story of 200 bloody years of warfare in the name of religion, presented by leading expert Tom Asbridge.

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The First

In production.

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James May’s Things You Need to Know

James May takes you on on an intriguing journey to answer the big questions in life.

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Digging for Britain 2

Dr Alice Roberts goes behind the scenes to see how archaeologists use their discoveries to uncover the truth about our ancestors’ lives.

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Dr Alice Roberts

Dig World War II

Dan Snow explores Northern Ireland’s role in the Second World War …

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Making History

A fast-moving series that looks at the significant points in history that cameras weren’t around to catch.

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Digging for Britain

An archaeology series that shows everything that archaeologists do – the science, the conservation and the research.

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Dig 1940

The archaeology behind the most dangerous years in British history.

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