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360 Makes Titanic Series to Mark Centenary

July 11, 2011

Derry based Indie 360Production, part of the Impossible Pictures group of companies, has announced the start of production on Titanic & Me, a 3×30-minute series co-comissioned by BBC One and BBC Northern Ireland.  Due for broadcast in 2012 to mark the centenary of the sinking of the famous liner in April 1912, the series will be presented by Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman, who will explore how the story of the famed liner continues to resonate 100 years after it sank.  He’ll uncover the unheard stories of the bravery, cowardice, bad luck and opportunism of the men, women and children who travelled on board, and he’ll meet their descendants to understand how the Titanic tale is still part of their every day lives. Goodman will also explore the legacy that Titanic left in its wake, in culture and in industry.

Goodman has his own Titanic connection. Before he was a ballroom dancer, he was a Woolwich welder at shipbuilders Harland and Wolff, the same company that built Titanic at their docks in Belfast 50 years earlier. During the series, Len will also experience what life was like for the Edwardian dockers who built the ship, and see if his ship building skills are still up to scratch after all these years.

Says Goodman: “I really wanted to do Titanic & Me because it’s something that I know I’ll find really interesting. I’m passionate about learning new things and I love meeting and chatting to people from all walks of life. So all in all this sounded like a great opportunity, and I’m delighted to be onboard, so to speak.”

Adds Titanic & Me executive producer John Farren: “I am delighted to see the story of a Northern Irish icon being made from our Irish base.

“It’s a  great time to work in television in Northern Ireland as there is a real sense of gathering momentum in the country,” says Farren.

 Titanic & Me will transmit on BBC One in the first half of 2012.

Notes to Editors:

Impossible Pictures is a multi-award winning independent television production company based in the UK and led by Tim Haines, best known as the creator of the ground-breaking Walking With Dinosaurs, and the co-creator of the hugely popular Primeval.  The Impossible Pictures group of companies includes Impossible Pictures Ireland (Sinbad), Impossible Kids (Buzz & Tell), and 360Production (Digging for Britain).

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