Dinosaurs In The Wild

Their World. Their Time. Your Adventure.

An upcoming 3D immersive experience combining stunning visuals with cutting-edge animatronics.

Travel back 67 million years to Chronotex’s new Timebase facility, and dare to experience dinosaurs up close and personal!

Combining ultra-realistic 3D visuals and the latest animatronics with cutting edge paleontological research, it will be a live attraction like no other. A seamless blend of theatrical performance, museum-quality scientific research and high-tech theme park entertainment will excite and enthral the whole family.

Filmed on location in Oregon, the sweeping ancient landscape will host a diverse array of dinosaur species created by Oscar and BAFTA winning CGI studio, Milk VFX.

Dinosaurs in The Wild is a new live immersive experience under the creative direction of Tim Haines (Walking With Dinosaurs), and produced by Jill Bryant (Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular).

Launching at the NEC Birmingham in mid-2017.


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