Buzz & Tell

Buzz & Tell is a quick fire comedy quiz show for pre-schoolers.

Buzz & Tell is a quick fire comedy quiz show for pre-schoolers. The 52×5 minute episodes feature 10 puppet contestants attempting to answer questions posed by the show’s host, Walter Flipstick, a highly professional but often exasperated puppet walrus TV presenter. The contestants cover a wide variety of characters and animals and each show features five of them in a set line up.

They are:

  • Charles Cheese, a diminutive and highly excitable cheese loving mouse.
  • Mr Biscuits, an earnest but jovial cuddly toy of unknown origin who is obsessed with biscuits.
  • Henrietta Peck, a motherly and worldly wise hen who often lays an egg when struggling to answer a question which hatches out a chick who answers for her.
  • Orange Bernard, a jolly but irredeemably dim orangutan.
  • Karl, a hyperactive, nut loving chinchilla with a hopeless short term memory.
  • Miss Honkover, a singing, dancing musical exotic bird from uptown Manhattan.
  • Ken Koala, a deeply shy but surprisingly bright Koala Bear with a penchant for hiding under desks.
  • Melanie Wiggles, a beautifully spoken, gentrified, carrot loving rabbit.
  • B1N, a highly sophisticated robot made from a bin whose wiring seems to be tangled up with a lot of old rubbish.
  • Calista Croak, a fitness loving, gravity defying, female frog.

The quiz is split into four or five rounds including a missing word round, a picture round, a sound round, a numbers round and a general knowledge round. Questions are designed to be simple with, as far as possible, straightforward one word answers. For example, “Complete this well known rhyme, Mary had a little…” The contestants then buzz their buzzers in order to tell us the answer. See what we did there?

However, they’re not the brightest lot and several incorrect answers will be proffered like “moustache”, “head” or “sister.” Meanwhile the child at home is bellowing the correct answer at the screen because, of course, they know it’s….LAMB!!!! We know they do this because that’s what they did every time we tested the show. Ultimately the viewer is rewarded when one of the characters eventually gets the question right.

Whilst the characters are live-action puppets the action takes place in an entirely animated set.

Buzz & Tell is fast and funny and a combination of loveable and harmlessly silly characters, vibrant backgrounds, crazy sound effects, mad laugh track and unique interactivity that make for a frantic five minutes which children will come back to day after day.

Executive Producer: Jonathan Doyle
Distributed By: BBC Worldwide
Broadcast By: CBeebies

Duration: 52 x 5 minutes
Release Date: Aug 2010